Listen to your Fears

Recently widowed Ellie, is finally starting to put the devastating death of her young husband behind her, when tragedy strikes again. Ellie herself is suddenly staring death in the face after a near fatal allergic reaction.

Ellie awakes in hospital to find that she has gained an unwanted but remarkable gift. She can see and hear the dead. Initially terrified by the spirits that haunt her, Ellie tries to turn it to the advantage of those suffering, helping them move on from the loss of their loved ones.

After meeting Daniel and his son Jamie, her new neighbours, Ellie doesn’t realise that she has unwittingly befriended a man on the run, wanted for the brutal murder of his estranged wife. As she grows closer to the young boy and his father, she encounters Taylor, the ghost of Daniel’s dead wife and finds herself playing detective in a complex murder cover-up. Taylor tells Ellie that it is her husband Daniel she suspects of her murder. At first Ellie is horrified and calls the police. However, her instinct soon contradicts Taylor’s claim and Ellie vows to help Daniel escape, believing he is not responsible for her murder. Taylor is exasperated by Ellie’s change of heart, but stays by her side to protect her from Daniel.

Daniel has far more to contend with than the law. Taylor’s distraught brother William hires a private detective to find Daniel and soon manages to locate him. Armed and hot on their heels, William relentlessly pursues them, hell bent on revenge, and Ellie and Daniel embark on frantic chase through the city in a desperate attempt to escape him. The only way to survive is with Taylor’s help, but will she realise who the real killer is before its too late?

Don Terry

Helen Frost and Don MacLeod

Amy Acker .... Ellie Daly
Bronwen Booth ... Taylor Nicholson
Steve Cumyn ... Daniel Nicholson
John Ralston ... William Shaw
Sarah Allen ... Maggie
Robert Naylor ... Jamie

Release date
(Lifetime Movie Network)

Did you know that?
Movie was shot in Canada. The movie is also known as A Near Death Experience.

Voices aka A Near Death Experience

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