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Lost souls ... saved nightly

Over view
Los Angeles has a new vampire in town. Angel begins his mission to help the helpless in LA, with the help of Doyle and Cordelia.

Joss Whedon

David Greenwalt & Joss Whedon

Regular cast
David Boreanaz .... Angel/Angelus
Charisma Carpenter .... Cordelia Chase
Glenn Quinn .... Allen Francis Doyle

Josh Holloway .... Good-looking Guy
Jon Ingrassia .... Stacey
Christian Kane .... Lindsey McDonald
Michael Mantell .... Oliver Simon
Gina McClain .... Janice
Tracy Middendorf .... Tina
Jennifer O'Dell .... Girl
Sam Pancake .... Manager
Renee Ridgeley .... Margo
Vyto Ruginis .... Russell Winters

Air date
5 October 1999

Did you know that?
Now famous for his part of Sawyer on Lost, Josh Holloway was a guest on the pilot of Angel.

Please note that some pictures are from the unaired promo.

ANGEL: Hmm. Can you fly?
(Angel extends his leg, sending Russell's chair rolling backwards through the window. Russell falls, flaming, to the ground)
ANGEL: Hmm. Guess not.
LINDSEY: (into phone) Set up an interoffice meeting for 4:00. Seems we have a new player in town. - No, no, there's no need to disturb the senior partners with this. Not yet.

English City Of...
French Bienvenue à Los Angeles
German Licht und Schatten
Italian Los Angeles
Spanish Ciudad de Los ángeles

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